Performance Services

Maximize Your Visibility

Konvulse Motorsports is the home of Vegas HID and is your one-stop auto shop for all your lighting and performance upgrade needs. We carry every HID kit and component to ensure your lights work seamlessly without issue. Vegas HID also sells OE HID replacement bulbs without the steep dealership pricing as well as offering professional installation and unbeatable warranties. Contact us to schedule an appointment to boost your car’s lighting today.

LED Light Upgrades and More

Vegas HID carries replacement LEDs for all interior and exterior car bulbs. Along with carrying High-Power LEDs for your headlamps and fog lamps, we also offer the following lighting and auto performance services:

  • Headlight Diagnostics
  • HID Headlight Conversions
  • LED Headlight Conversion
  • Headlight Housing Replacement
  • Factory Headlight Bulb Replacement
  • Headlight Lens Restoration
  • Custom Underglow Lighting
  • Custom Vehicle Accent Lighting
  • Original Equipment Tire Replacement
  • Suspension Check, Install & Repair
  • Lifting/Lowering Suspension Kits
  • Shock & Strut Replacement
  • Premium Brake Upgrades
  • Batteries
  • Performance Products
  • Interior and Exterior Accessories

Your Car, Your Way

Here at Konvulse Motorsports, we have all the right stuff to truly personalize your car. Whether you're looking to add a light bar and lift kit to hit the off-road, add some underglow to light up the night, or perform engine work to squeeze out some extra power, our professionals will help you find exactly what you need to match your unique taste and goals. 

Konvulse Motorsports is the exclusive performance part of our automotive maintenance, repair, and enhancement services. We take your car from necessity to luxury with our modifications. Let us know what your ideas are, and we can find parts that fit the look you want within your price range. Contact us to get started on improving your car to your satisfaction today!