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Don't Let Car Problems Get in Your Way

Konvulse Motorsports is available for anyone and everyone having car trouble. We are a full-service automotive shop located in the heart of Las Vegas, offering quality service at competitive prices! Let us be your one-stop-shop for all of your car troubles. We complete every job with the knowledge and experience necessary to get you back out on the road safely in no time. All of our parts and installations are approved by our trained, experienced mechanics — we trust to use our parts in our own cars, so we guarantee they will work well for yours, too. 

Feel at ease instead of anxious the next time car problems get in your way. When you bring your car to Konvulse Motorsports in Las Vegas, you can be sure you'll receive the best service and quality in town! Visit the Auto Repair portion of our site to see what services we offer and call to schedule your next appointment.

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About Konvulse Motorsports

Konvulse Motorsports is the more exclusive, performance side of our partnered auto shop. Where Central Auto Care is for those looking to achieve general maintenance, Vegas HID & CAC is for those who want to do more for their car than just basic maintenance. We’re in the business of making cars beautiful. From lift kits to underglow features, you'll be sure to cruise down the Las Vegas Strip in style after a visit with us. Our mechanics love jacking cars up to become more luxury than necessity. These performance enhancing services for your car are designed to be one of a kind and exclusive for you alone. No other car on the road will look like yours, and we know that’s the way you want it. 

If you have an idea for your car or want to talk modifications we think would work great for your car, schedule an appointment at Vegas HID & CAC today. We love cars and seize the opportunity to do something new and unexpected whenever we can. Come talk shop with us today!

They took care of my service very well! They stand by the quality of their work! If a problem occurs, they do their very best to rectify it in a timely manner and make it easy on the customer!

- Anthony E

The location is a little hard to find. Initially, I thought their shop was closed because their current location is a little empty, but they had a sign up saying they're moving to another suite in the same building so they're in a "transition phase". Besides that, Alex at the front desk was helpful. I was a walk-in and they were able to fit me in within about 30 minutes. After they took my car in, it was about another 45 minutes to get the hid's installed on my car. The lights look great, employees were friendly, overall had a good experience and looking forward to seeing the upcoming new shop.

- Eric Gonzales

Service was excellent. Alex was helpful and knowledgeable. One of the bay customer service experiences I've ever had in vegas.

- John Daffron